Our services extended way beyond getting your goods from Point A to B

Operating throughout North America, CastleRock Transport is equipped to serve all your freight shipping needs, whether a single load moving across town or meeting the freight requirement of a supply chain spanning from Mexico to Canada and all places in-between. Possessing a highly capable, diversified fleet and partnerships with many of the best freight carriers, CastleRock Transport has a nearly endless capacity to fulfill the demands of our clients and to always be there when you need us the most.

Being there for you means being there 24/7

A reputation of 24/7 availability and always meeting deadlines is a cornerstone on which CastleRock Transport has been built. Our founders cut their teeth delivering time-sensitive, medically critical vaccines throughout the Southeast, often with same day deadlines and middle of the night delivery windows. That reputation is why many of the nations largest poultry and egg companies have come to rely on CastleRock Transport as their logistics provider of choice and trusted partner in handling their sensitive cargo.

We exceed all expectations with consistent service and open communication.

Tired of trusting your company’s logistics to the latest kid on the block? Or failing to get a straight answer on the status of your shipments?

CastleRock Transport provides each customer with a single point of contact. So you work with one professional assigned to your account who knows your business and specific logistics requirements.. 

Our operations run 24/7 – so we’re always on the job. 

Primary Cargo Insurance 

On all shipments handled by CastleRock Transport, the buck stops with us – because we provide primary cargo coverage, including Reefer breakdown, on any cargo and value from $100,000 to $100 million-plus. You can always be confident that we’ll take care of you and your product.